Welcome to LAMAMINER

  • #1 - BUY MINER : Start by using your $LAMA or $AVAX to purchase miners. Your deposit will be indefinitely locked.

  • #2 - COMPOUND : To maximize your earnings, click on the "COMPOUND" button. This action will automatically reinvest your rewards back into miner.

  • #3 - CLAIM REWARDS : This will transfer your accumulated $LAMA rewards directly into your wallet and reduce your CLAIM POWER to 50%. You will get back to 100% in 5 days.

  • #4 - CLAIM OR COMPOUND before DEPOSIT again.

"Miners" refers to the miners that are hired with $LAMA or $AVAX and work to earn your rewards. It's simply a term we've chosen to use.

"Miners" doesn't have a fixed price. The number of "Miners" per $LAMA or $AVAX varies based on the Total Value Locked (TVL) – higher TVL means fewer "Miners" per $LAMA or $AVAX, while lower TVL means more "Miners". This creates a level playing field so that no user can be disadvantaged. There is NO calculator available to determine this.

The daily percentage can reach up to 10%. This depends on your profit-taking habits, the time at which you reinvest your rewards or deposit $LAMA or $AVAX, as well as the fluctuation of the TVL. The average daily return is 6 to 8%.

  • Dev Fee: 3%

  • Burn: 1%

Earn 10% $LAMA from all your referees (only once per referee). When your invitation is successful, you will immediately receive 10% of the deposited LAMA by the person who used your referral link, which is automatically executed by the contract. This action can only be done once per referree. After the invitation is successful, you can choose to withdraw your $LAMA to the wallet or participate in the re-investment. No limits because it's yours.

LAMAMINER is a locked rewards pool, so no. You get your initial back over time through the My Rewards section of the Dapp.

This is about claiming your rewards every 6 days and claim 1 day per week. During these 6 days, you can "Compound" as many times as you like. This simply allows for faster compounding

"Compound" allows you to reinvest and increase your future rewards. So, essentially, yes. You will need to pay the standard AVAX network gas fees for each "Compound".